The Sky Society Podcast releases a new episode with Senior Experiential Engagement Manager at Lenovo

Feb 23, 2023

[Austin, TX] February 23, 2023Holly King was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and spent time after her education exploring Boston and Washington D.C. for career opportunities.

King got a job in London while in college at Ivory Worldwide and this taught her more about the business industry and prompted her to maintain relationships with her colleagues in order to secure a career in Marketing.

As a Senior Experiential Engagement Manager, King runs three different teams at Lenovo, the North America Events Department, the Executive briefing center in Morrisville, NC, and North America Sponsorship Department.

King expresses that she is lucky to have a great team that helps her with the day-to-day operations that help her bring Lenovo’s vision to life.

King describes herself as a “Swiss Army Knife of Marketing and Events Marketing '' which helped her as she moved into her role now at Lenovo.

 “Sometimes you don’t always see what you’ll be great for in your next step, sometimes it takes an outside perspective to say hey did you know you might be great at this role,” she answered when being asked how she knew that it was time for her to move on to Lenovo.


King’s journey to her current role wasn’t easy but worthwhile...


She expresses that all of the lessons that she learned on her journey are what help her in her current position now. 

Holly King discusses her experiences in finding her career path, the ups, and downs, all of the transitions,, and how important it is to see change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

King speaks on the importance of taking risks. Risks are essential in moving toward the next steps in your life. It omits fear and embraces new opportunities. She also speaks about networking and how hard it is.

People have an idea that networking only works for people who are engaging but King speaks on breaking the stigma that networking is easy and pushes the phrase “networking is work” so people can understand that whether you're good or bad at networking; work has to be put in to establish a great network.

“Anybody who tells you that networking isn’t work is lying to themselves. It’s work. Just like it’s work to stay in touch with family members or friends, staying in touch with people in your industry or across your career- that’s work.

And you have to put time into it to maintain those relationships and keep those pathways open for the future”.

This episode reminds the audience of the positive impact working outside of your comfort zone can have and the connections that come with it.

Connecting with people from all walks of life not only gives us a different perspective but takes us out of our ordinary and puts us in a place where growth happens.

Remaining consistent with connections such as sending messages to check in with a company’s progress, continuously demonstrating interest, and attending events pays off in the long run and is a crucial part of building your network.

Marketing is an industry where investing and learning from one another is an integral part of its function.

This episode also helps people understand how effective communication opens doors for you and even sometimes creates jobs that only you are qualified to do.

The overall episode encourages change while welcoming risk-taking and setting the tone in whatever room you are called to be in. 


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