5 Viral Marketing Campaigns All The Marketing Girlies Love

marketing Apr 02, 2024
viral marketing campaigns

Today with marketing, brands have to make campaigns that can get people’s attention right away.

Our attention spans are only getting smaller each day, so marketing teams need to think of ways to make people really want their product, even if we know we do not need it.

Recently, there have been so many marketing campaigns that have gone so viral and sometimes we just look at the campaign for fun because it’s that good.

Here are 5 viral marketing campaigns that marketers should know about. 


Combining Trends Into One Campaign | Gap


One viral marketing campaign idea that has got people watching it on loop is when two or more people who are trending or famous are a part of the same campaign. 

A recent video that has got people hooked was a GAP campaign with Tyla and Jungle, including Jungle’s new song ‘Back on 74’.

If you have not heard of Tyla or Jungle, girl where have you been? 

Tyla is a new and upcoming South African singer who had her song ‘Water’ trend and even become part of a new TikTok dance trend.

Jungle is a music group who had their music video for ‘Back on 74’ go viral for the dancing in the video and had people talking about it for days, weeks, even up until now.

So GAP thought, why not put these two in the same video? Which they did, and everyone loved it. And now, people are talking about GAP again. Such an iconic campaign. 


Satisfying Campaign Videos | Redbull



People love watching satisfying campaign videos, but what about hearing them?

One of RedBull’s teams came up with a viral marketing campaign that not only made people want to buyRedBull, but it made them just want to open it and listen.

During a college lecture, students had little notes at their seats that told them to open the RedBull cans they were given at the beginning of class at the same time. And once that time hit, a wave of cans being cracked open was heard.

It is such an interesting way to market a product, and what is funny is that people even just look up the video just to hear the cans open at the same time. 

It truly is music to our ears, and maybe even a new dose of ASMR. 


“Just Get the Dupe” | Shein and e.l.f.



Dupes: they are cheaper, same as the og product, and maybe even better?

Recently, people have been buying the cheaper version of products and reviewing them online to see if they are actually worth buying

Some brands that have really been taking a part in this new viral marketing campaign are Shein and e.l.f. 

Shein, being a part of fashion, and e.l.f ,being a part of cosmetics, has really become popular and known over time to those who are really invested in those industries.

Obviously, Shein is not going to market ‘Cheaper Skims Shirts’ and e.l.f. Is not going to market ‘Cheaper Charlotte Tilbury Blush’, but the girls that know know that these companies sell the dupes of higher brands. 

Influencers, really, are the reason this came to be. 

Having people on social media compare brands and give their honest opinions has helped put the idea of ‘dupes’ and have encouraged people to buy them more.

More people today want to try products to compare luxury vs. affordability, and this method has really favored those companies that are selling the dupes.


POV: You are in a Marketing Campaign | Barbie



Whenever you watch a viral marketing campaign, you might think to yourself, “I wish I could be a part of that”. But, what if you actually can?

Companies that have made interactive campaigns where you can put yourself in the model’s shoes have made us, consumers, want something more and more.

The Barbie movie did a great job with this campaign with the Barbie Selfie Generator.

Every girl's dream is to be Barbie. Wear pink everyday and be that ‘it’ girl.  But obviously, we can not access Barbieland, or so we thought.

In the Barbie Selfie Generator, you can upload or take a picture with Barbie and become a movie poster. You can be  ‘Model Barbie’.

The picture at the end even says “This Barbie is one of a kind’’, which not only captures the idea that there are different Barbies, but that every woman is different and you should embrace your uniqueness. 

Not only was it a great movie, but it had great marketing campaigns that showcase its success.


They. Are. Everywhere. | Duolingo



If you guys can not guess already, this last viral marketing campaign involves the Duolingo bird.

They are everywhere. Quite literally everywhere

If you look at the latest TikTok trend, chances are that the Duolingo bird has already done it.

Having over 10 millions followers on TikTok, the Duolingo account has videos of their bird mascot doing different video trends, memes, and honestly anything you can think of (except reminding you to do your daily language challenge).

Not only does Duolingo remind people of their existence, but they do it with a little extra spice.

It’s a nice way to promote their platform without constantly talking about what they actually do in the app and really keeps anyone from any audience engaged. 


Key Takeaways


Marketing campaigns are evolving everyday, making it exciting not only for the people watching, but for marketers as well.

Many of us are starting to tap into our creative side more and more and think of new and engaging ways to get people to buy and use our brand. 

For us marketing girls, it is so good to keep us with these new trends. It helps us when we have that creative block in our heads and inspires us to keep wanting to create more.

Keep striving for that perfect marketing idea, and who knows, maybe you will come up with the next viral marketing campaign. 


✍️ Written by Natalia Camacho


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