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Brandy Warwas, Marketing Manager @Indeed

Friday May 21st @2pmPT/5pmET

The Sky Society Podcast

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The Sky Society Podcast is your place for marketing insights, job-hunting hacks and all the behind-the-scenes secrets for creating a career you absolutely love.

Every week, Natalie dives deep into real conversations with incredible guests sharing actionable advice on how you can build a purposeful and profitable marketing career.

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Our Guests Have Worked At Some Pretty Cool Places:

The Sky Society Podcast Principles

How we're empowering women worldwide to do what they dream.

Podcast Principles

Relatability = Relevance

We bring on expert guests in different stages of their careers, from managers to CEOs, so you can see that success is a lot closer than you might think.

Podcast Principles

Non-Traditional is Normal

Every story we share is entirely unique. There is no one perfect path to finding where you're meant to be and our guests lead by example.

Podcast Principles

Power Of Choice

There are a million and one positions and industries out there and we're making the impossible decision of choosing one a bit easier by showing you a new path with each new guest.

Podcast Principles

Female First

We prioritize sharing the stories of women because those are the stories not being told. We know that women in power is rare, so we're on a mission to make it the norm.


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  1. You're just starting out in your career and are looking for clarity and direction
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  3. You love to learn and are eager to learn from women exactly where you want to be
  4. You're dreaming of career you love and need some help making that dream a reality
  5. You wish you had somewhere to turn when you need some career advice and are looking for women who 100% get it.