How to become a UGC creator: a beginners guide for entry level marketers

marketing Apr 17, 2024
How to become a UGC creator

 You're searching everywhere for the best advice on how to become a UGC creator.

Information is scattered around and you are coming across a few gold nuggets that actually give you actionable steps to take.

Well don’t worry babe, we’ve searched high and low for the best advice and brought it all together for you.

UGC quite literally rules the internet. It has become a core part of our experience on social media regardless of who we are.

From creators, businesses, or casual scrollers, we are all exposed to and influenced by UGC.

With that, becoming a UGC creator has become a hot new trend on social media.

Lucky for you, this guide will act as your blueprint, covering all the bases needed to kickstart your UGC journey. 


What even is User-Generated Content (UGC)? 


Let’s start with the basics- what is UGC? 

UGC stands for User Generated Content. Essentially any and all content created by an individual. I’m talking texts, images, videos, reviews, etc.

So why are people running to learn how to become a UGC creator?

Because businesses and brands- small and large- are paying big bucks to get their hands on this type of content. Industries across the board are witnessing what we call Ad Fatigue. 

Ad fatigue means that users are tired of seeing ingenuine ads, scrolling right past and paying them no mind.

People want to buy from real other people. UGC gives us the opportunity to do just that. Content created by everyday people like you and us who are not tied to one brand. Causing it to feel much more relatable and genuine compared to buying from ads or large-scale influencers.


Step 1:Finding Your Niche


Now let’s jump into how to become a UGC creator.

Step one: pinpoint what industries you want to create content for.

If you are unsure start thinking about what you are most enthusiastic about. What are your current passions, interests, and hobbies? 

Industries all across the board are on the lookout for UGC creators be it fashion, food, fitness, skincare- you name it.

Focusing on the niche that excites you most will play a huge role in how much fun you're having and attracting brands that align with you.


Step 2:Picking Your Platform(s)


You’ve found your niche, congrats! 

Now let's think of where you’ll be sharing your content. We would recommend picking two video-based platforms as this is what most brands are looking for. 

First, create a new UGC email. Remember you will be working with brands so professionalism is important. 

Second, creating UGC accounts on TikTok and Instagram.

Third: UGC LinkedIn account. You don’t have to pump content here like your other two accounts. Just update on what you're learning, reading, and working on. Remember to keep it UGC related.


Step 3: Develop Your Content Strategy


This step is glazed over on many guides we found teaching you how to become a UGC creator. 

However, we think it’s one of the most important. It shows brands that you are consistent, self-sufficient, and capable of meeting tight deadlines.

Use this as an example to establish your own strategy:

  • Posting Schedule:
    • Consistency is key: Aim for a regular posting schedule, starting with 3-4 times a week.  
  • Developing Content Pillars:
    • Personal experiences: Share stories, anecdotes, and personal reflections related to niche or interests.
    • Behind-the-scenes: Offer glimpses into my creative process, workflow, or daily life as a content creator.
    • UGC content examples: Show off content that you’ve made and share previous/ongoing collaborations.  

Pick up products, books, clothes, appliances ANYTHING that lines up with the industry you want to work in, and create content for it.

You can absolutely create content on anything lying around your home, especially as a complete newbie with no previous experience. 



Step 4: Create High-Quality Content


Image Source: Rebecca Moore on Pinterest


A common misconception when learning how to become a ugc creator is that your content needs to be aesthetic. 

Now im not telling you to go rogue, throw out your ring light, and film in a messy room.

I'm saying, that effective UGC content follows a specific formula, different from those aesthetic videos that go viral on social media.

You’re probably wondering how to create that effective content. Don’t worry, you don't have to be an expert marketer. Just follow this framework, practice and you’ll get it down.

Step one: Research. 

Dig through the social pages of businesses in your niche.

  • What kind of content are they posting?
  • What content is performing best? (views/engagement) 

 This will give you an idea of what kind of content you should be creating. 

Step Two: Perfecting the Direct Response (DR) Formula. 

From here we make our script following the Direct Response Formula.

  • Hook
  • The problem + solution
  • Product’s unique selling points
  • Social Proof
  • Call to Action

A Brief Example to follow: 


You: Hey, you know how I've been struggling with my skin lately, right?

The problem + solution:

You: Well, I finally found something that's been a game-changer for me. Have you heard about ClearSkin™️? It dives deep into your pores, tackling the root cause of acne.

Product’s unique selling points:

You: And let me tell you, it's made such a difference for me. I was skeptical at first too, but I've seen a noticeable improvement in my skin since I started using it.

Social Proof:

You: And I'm not the only one - there are tons of people raving about it online.

Call to Action:

You: I can even send you a link to check it out if you're interested. Trust me, it's been a game-changer for me, and I think you'll love it too. Let me know if you have any questions about it. I'm always here to help.

Step Three: Filming

Keep it simple. Make sure your environment is clean, the lighting is great, and your phone's camera is set to 1080HD (Instagram compresses 4k videos so 1080pd is a safe bet).

Linking some ugc creators who share their own work for you to get an idea of what your content should look like!


Step 5: Building Your Portfolio




Your portfolio will act as a neat place to add information about yourself and also show off your best work. You can find great templates on Canva.

Here's what to include, and yes it’s in order!

  • Cover page
  • UGC examples
  • Case studies
  • Organic content
  • rates/packages
  • Contact page

What kind of videos should be included? You want to display a variety of videos to cover all of the bases that brands are searching for. This typically looks like this:

  • Problem/Solution
  • Voiceover
  • Product Demo
  • Trend Led
  • Storytelling

Here are some great examples of UGC portfolio templates.


Step 6: Collaborate and Network



Collaborating with fellow creators can provide valuable exposure and networking opportunities. Reach out to creators within your niche for collaboration projects, guest appearances, or shoutouts.

Networking with other creators not only expands your reach but also allows you to learn from their experiences and insights. 

@momi.ugc onTikTok and Instagram has created an affordable community for begging UGC creators. We think this is a great way to meet others in the same boat as you.

It’s also super important to get yourself on platforms where brands can get to know you as a UGC creator.

Here are a few popular platforms among ugc creators.



Step 7: Stay Authentic and Transparent


Authenticity and transparency are fundamental principles of successful UGC creation.

Be genuine in your interactions with your audience and disclose any sponsorships or partnerships transparently. Building trust with your audience is paramount for long-term success as a UGC creator.


Step 8: Analyze and Adapt


To finish off, remember to analyze your performance and adapt your strategies accordingly. A monthly recording of these stats should be enough.

Open up your analytics- TikTok and Instagram both have this tool. Report metrics such as engagement, reach, and audience demographics to understand what content your audience craves the most.

Use the information you find to better curate the content you will be creating and sharing on your platforms. Understanding how to use this to meet your goals, will secure better opportunities for yourself in the UGC space.




We hope our guide helped you understand how to become a UGC creator!

It serves as a great opportunity for having remote work, 5k months, and creating your own schedule.

But do remember that this is indeed hard work, just like any other profession. But as long as you stay committed to the bit for at least 4 months, you will see lots of growth!


✍️ Written by Erika Ortega



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