Top Lifestyle Influencers in 2024 and Your Ultimate Guide to Lifestyle Influencing

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We know you’ve most likely come across those creators on social media that always seem to know the best products, give the best tips, go to most incredible places or even just know how to present their ordinary lives in a way that makes you wish you probably lived with them. 

Yup, those would be classified as lifestyle creators.

But what exactly is it that they do? And how can you become one yourself? We’ll break it down for you!

What is a lifestyle influencer?


A lifestyle influencer is simply a social media creator who posts content about their lives. This type of content is real, raw and mostly authentic.

We say “mostly” because how much of social media is really real?

While everyone to some degree does share aspects of their lives on social media, the key thing to note about lifestyle creators is that they usually have a niche (or two, or three), and they always have a level of influence on the audience of that niche.  

Lifestyle influencers usually monetize their craft by working with brands by introducing their products and/or services to their followers and influencing them to patronize said brand.

Another way lifestyle influencing is monetized is by launching your own brand.


What’s All This Niche Talk?


You’ve probably heard this word a billion times and seen creators struggle to “find” a niche and stay within said niche. But what does the word mean? And why does it matter to you as a lifestyle influencer?

Simply put, a niche is a specific area of interest or theme that a creator chooses to focus on or specialize in.

It helps them reach their target audience effectively, and helps their target audience find them easily. The idea is that when someone wants to see content about something specific, they think of you. Pretty cool, right?

As someone just starting out in lifestyle influencing, it is possible that you have a variety of interests and a number of niches you’re genuinely passionate about.

However, as a beginner lifestyle influencer, it is advised you start with 1-2 niches for consistency and to attract a loyal following. 

Remember, people do not know who you are yet. You have to ease them into your space with something specific they are interested in, before you begin to add other aspects of your life into your content. 


Lifestyle Niches You Should Consider 


Here’s a list (though not exhaustive) of niches you should consider exploring as a beginner lifestyle influencer!




As a travel lifestyle influencer, you have now been entrusted with the delightful (and very important) of not just exploring different parts of the world, but taking your followers with you too!

These types of lifestyle influencers share their travel experiences, recommendations, and insights to their communities online.

The goal is to create content that makes your audience feel like they are experiencing your adventures, too.


Health and Wellness


Health and wellness has become increasingly popular, especially on social media.

From the gym girlies to the self care enthusiasts, to even challenges such as the 75 hard challenge, social media is crazy about staying fit and healthy. 

Health and wellness lifestyle influencers take advantage of this by sharing content surrounding diet tips, workout routines, fitness journey updates, and practices aimed at promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 




As you can guess, this is another popular niche. “Beauty” as a niche is usually merged with fashion, but we have chosen to separate the two to help you get a clearer picture of both niches. 

Beauty lifestyle influencers typically create content around makeup, skincare, haircare and anything ‘beauty’ related.

Their content ranges from makeup routines, makeup tips, skincare recommendations and tips, product reviews and information on beauty trends.




As a fashion lifestyle influencer, you are basically your audience’s go-to person for outfit inspo, knowledge on fashion trends, brand recommendations, product reviews and so on.

You are going to play a big role in influencing your audience’s outfit choices, purchase decisions and even shaping fashion trends!




Family influencers make up a large portion of lifestyle influencers, amassing followers from various age ranges and even niches!

These accounts are most times run by the mother of the household, sometimes by the dad and other times the parents have a joint account.

They usually document the growth of the family, their daily activities, tips on parenting, and of course fun, trendy social media challenges.

Lots of parents have leveraged on the “baby fever” effect in growing and sustaining their following. 


Top Lifestyle Influencers You Should Totally Be Watching


Monet McMichael 

Monet McMichael is the internet’s beloved fashion and lifestyle creator known for her raw and candid get-ready-with-me videos.

Monet has amassed a large following on all her platforms including Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube. 


Ally Yost 

Ally Yost is a Christian lifestyle influencer popularly known on Instagram and TikTok. She’s also the host of a thriving podcast, Christ With Coffee On Ice.



Melody’s Life 

Melody Acevedo, otherwise known as “Melody’s Life” on the internet is a faith and family lifestyle influencer, currently expecting! She hosts a podcast called Heavenly Bond with her brother. 



Kayla Kosuga

Kayla Kosuga-Gomez is a multi-faceted lifestyle influencer who has amassed massive popularity on Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube.

She’s a fashion, beauty and family influencer and started a podcast with her best friend, Maddie Burch in 2022. 


Allyiah’s Face 

Allyiah is a beauty, fashion and travel influencer known for her YouTube channel, AllyiahsFace.

She started her YouTube channel in 2015 and had since gained popularity on other social media platforms for her fashion and beauty content.


Tips on How To Stand Out as a Lifestyle Influencer 


So you know what a lifestyle influencer is, you know what a niche is and you even know (some of) the niches you could get started in.

But how do you start out and stand out as a lifestyle influencer? We’ve got you back!


Romanticize the ordinary!


The first mistake you are probably making right now is waiting for something exciting to happen so you can film it or waiting for the “perfect moment”.

Heads up, the “perfect moment” doesn’t exist – you get to create that!

Romanticize your daily, mundane and maybe even boring activities. Focus more on spicing it up with trendy audios, storytelling voiceovers and interesting transitions.

Your audience will appreciate your authentic content, trust us.


Be Yourself, But Don’t Neglect Value


Don’t go into lifestyle influencing wanting to become like any other influencer. Focus on being yourself, let your audience connect with your quirks. This actually helps build a genuine and loyal audience.

However, make sure you are still making value creation a priority. You want to make sure when you draw your followers in, you are able to consistently provide them with value that makes them stay. 


Share your journey


Remember that there are many people who want to get into this space, just like you. People love to observe others grow because it inspires them to hit their own goals as well – leverage on that.

As you grow, share your journey with your audience. Give them the tips, tricks and recommendations on how to successfully thrive in the lifestyle influencer space. They will love you for that! 


Lifestyle Influencing Key Takeaways 


So who is a lifestyle influencer and how can you become one?

A lifestyle influencer is a creator who uploads content surrounding their lives online with the intention of growing a loyal following and eventually being able to influence their buying decisions.

As a lifestyle influencer, finding a niche is super important especially if you are just starting out. Niches you could consider include fashion, travel, beauty, and family. 

If you’re looking to stand out as an influencer (we hope you do!) Some things you should definitely do are romanticize your ordinary tasks, be yourself but create value, and of course, share your journey for others to be inspired!

If you’re really interested in lifestyle influencing, you’ve got this — we totally believe in you!

✍️ Written by Nicole Agu

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