What Is Lemon8? And Most Important: Should You Be Using It?

lifestyle Apr 25, 2023

Are you tired of scrolling through the same old social media apps?

Do you want to connect with people who share your interests and passions?

Look no further than Lemon8, the newest social media app that's taking the world by storm overnight.

If you are a creative person who loves social media like Tiktok and Pinterest?

Well Lemon8 might be it for you all in one! Lemon8 is the new social media hype!

It's as if “Tiktok and Pinterest had a baby!” Many influencers are saying. 


What is Lemon8? And, should you be using it?


What is Lemon8 and should you use it?

Lemon8 originated from ByteDance, the parent company of Tiktok. It’s similar to Tiktok, Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a social media platform that offers video and photo-sharing to users. 

The app caters to many people who have diverse interests such as fashion, beauty, wellness, food, travel and more.

Lemon8 is similar to TikTok. Lemon8's main feed features a “following” section that lets users look at content from creators they follow, as well as a “For You” section that recommends other posts.

It also has categories for posts like fashion, beauty, home and food, or content they want to explore. It all depends on what you are looking for in an app.  

It does limit you in customization options. It is not as advanced in editing as Tiktok. It is a brand new app that is rising in popularity. It is worth trying if you are creative and love social media!


Lemon8 in the U.S?


Lemon8 has been downloadable in the U.S. since February 2022. Lemon8 originated from ByteDance, it is the parent company of Tiktok. It has been pressed and promoted to U.S. social media scroller.

According to data analytics firm Apptopia the Lemon8 app has been downloaded in the United States 650,000 times in just the past week and a half. It currently is available to download in the  App Store or Google Play Store.



Lemon8 is trending 


While we wait as the lawmakers in the U.S debate whether to ban TikTok app nationwide, many creators and users on the app are looking for an alternative. In a report from the New York Times they confirmed that the owner ByteDance is paying influencers to post on the app and promote the app.

But, gave them specific guidelines to follow while promoting. Many popular influencers have joined the app already. 

The Lemon8 app is currently trending on Tiktok. The hashtag on Tiktok #thelemon8 has over 2.5 billion views, with hundreds of videos from creators saying the app is a cross between Pinterest and TikTok. The Lemon8 app has 5 million active monthly users worldwide

Lemon8 is also committed to protecting its users' privacy. The app doesn't sell or share user data, and also has strict guidelines to prevent cyberbullying and harassment.

On Tiktok lemon8 is trending if you want to explore the hype. Many creators on the platform  are sharing their experience about the  app and are encouraging many people to join the app.



Lemon8 vs. Tiktok and Pinterest


Pinterest is a platform where users can build inspirational boards, create  chart ideas visually, and explore diverse content with themes related to lifestyle, DIY, food, fashion, beauty and more. TikTok is a platform where users can create and discover short term videos and share them as well.

Lemon8 is the photo-based app that many younger creative people are using. It is a cross between Pinterest and Instagram and videos that resemble the ones on Tiktok.

It allows users to be more creative and edit their content with unique features. Users are able to edit photos and videos to add text, stickers, and cute filters. The app also offers templates which makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

One of the best things about Lemon8 is its user-friendly interface. On the app you can easily navigate the app and find the content that you're looking for. It’s definitely user friendly and very simple. It does lack many customization options overall it’s worth exploring. 

Overall, Lemon8 is more focused on photo editing and video editing. While Tiktok and Pinterest are more focused on sharing content and social media.

Do you think Lemon8 is the new Tiktok and Pinterest?

We definitely think it is! If you want a refresh and want to try a new social media app this might be for you! If your content and your interests are under these six categories fashion, beauty, food, wellness, travel and home,  it could be perfect for you to explore!



What creators have to say


“The love child of Pinterest and Tiktok.” Creators on the app are excited for what Lemon8 offers! You are able to be yourself and be as creative as possible with the editing features. The carousels with descriptive text helps influencers give informational details on their posts. 

Lemon8 its emphasis on positivity and support. The app is designed to foster a community of individuals who are supportive and encouraging of one another. You won't find any negativity or hate speech on Lemon8.

The algorithm is easier to gain more engagement like Tiktok unlike Instagram and Pinterest where the algorithm isn’t the best. You are able to gain following and engagement quickly.

Download the Lemon8 App


Join the Lemon8 era! It is available in the App Store or Google Play Store whether you have an IOS or Android.

The platform is new and many people have been able to gain a very high following fast! It is the new Tiktok and Pinterest! If you're looking for a fresh and exciting social media experience, Lemon8 is the app for you.

Download it today and start connecting with people who share your interests and passions. You won't be disappointed!

Many influential micro-influencers and macro-influencers are starting to join the app! If you always wanted to be a social media influencer and never knew where to start or want to become influential overnight this is your moment, trust us! 


✍️ Written by Alantria Harris


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