What is Beauty Marketing and Which are The Best Beauty Marketing Jobs

marketing May 03, 2023
Beauty Marketing

If you already are a beauty enthusiast and have thought about turning your passion into your dream career, more specifically in the digital marketing world, or even better, in beauty marketing, you may want to continue reading this blog.

First of all, marketing is huge, look at it as a tree with different branches.

There are a lot of careers that you can pick in this field, but here are some of the ones you may be interested in if you want to turn your passion for beauty into a professional career.

Within beauty marketing there are a lot of branches that you can pick from.

To name a few, here are some of the marketing roles that you will find in the digital and beauty marketing space: influencer marketing, fashion marketing, social media marketing, product marketing, etc. you pick your poison.

Before getting any further into the beauty world, we must understand what beauty marketing is and how you can nail your next job as a beauty marketer.


What is Beauty Marketing?


According to How To Get Into Beauty Marketing - A Definitive Guide | Alpha Academy, beauty marketing is: “what a beauty marketer does is to promote a product or brand.” In other words, it's the way marketers present a beauty product or line to its consumers.


Why is marketing important in beauty?


According to Marketing for the Beauty Industry, marketing is important in beauty because “it promotes brand value in the eyes of potential consumers to create an ever-growing base of loyal customers.” 

How to get into Beauty Marketing as a beginner?


Luckily you are already passionate about beauty, now it just takes time to combine the existing passion with formal training.


1. The most common way to get started in marketing is by doing a traditional Bachelor's degree in business studies, majoring in marketing.

By starting with a BA, you’ll learn the fundamentals of marketing such as business skills, pricing strategies, and consumer behavior.  


2. Internships are extremely helpful when you are starting any career.

Whether it is an unpaid or paid internship, you will be handed down multiple tasks, you will acquire a lot of skills, and will also learn how the industry works, which in the long run will be beneficial when it is time for you to start looking for an entry-level position. 


3. Independent certifications are the non-traditional way to acquire new skills, you just have to make sure that it’s credible enough.

Nowadays, there are a lot of free courses that you can do online at your own pace. Feel free to check out these Google courses  Digital Marketing and E-commerce, Google Ads, Hubspot, that are great for beginners. 


4. A combination of academia and independent certification is a great way to stand out amongst other applicants.

If you completed your bachelor's degree in a different field, but want to continue your studies in Marketing, you may want to get a Masters Degree in Marketing or with an independent certificate that will make you a stronger candidate for the role you’re looking to apply for.


Here are some of the entry-level job requirements that may or may not be needed to start as a beauty marketer: 


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent work experience
  • A general enthusiasm about beauty products, brands and the industry
  • A passion for social media trends, culture, and content. You’re up to date on the latest trends, algorithm updates and best practices, and are the first to test out new platforms and features when they launch.
  • Extremely organized, detail-oriented, and can multitask in a fast-paced environment.
  • Team management skills
  • Experienced with marketing campaigns
  • Digital Marketing experiences such as SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, B2B and B2C marketing, etc.
  • Excellent verbal and written interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Computer skills


Entry Level Beauty Marketing Jobs 


Now that we know what beauty marketing is and know that we are passionate about it, it’s time for us to start looking into beauty marketing jobs.

We’re living in the digital age, so everything is available online. With the assistance of helpful accounts in TikTok, Podcasts, Blogs, etc, it is easier to find useful information about the field.

If you’re looking to get started in the beauty industry, you may want to check out these accounts such as the account of Katie Welch, who is the Marketing Chief Officer for Rare Beauty. Another account that has helpful information is Hannah gets hired.

Both accounts share career advice tips, entry level job tips, marketing internships, career moves, etc. If you want to learn about marketing in a more fun way, you may want to check out Girl boss town.

Also, let’s not forget about the Sky Society accelerator bootcamp experience based curriculum, that helps women wanting to become digital marketers to get started on the digital marketing path.

Jobs In Beauty Marketing 


If you’re interested in working in the beauty marketing industry, you may want to check out the jobs listed below and see which one aligns best with your values then just start applying…

 Most Beauty Marketing entry level roles will likely be:


Marketing Coordinator: Job Application for Brand and Product Marketing Coordinator at Glossier

Marketing Specialist: Marketing Specialist/Assistant Manager Job in New York, NY at cesna

Social Media Coordinator: Coordinator of Channel Marketing for bareMinerals Job in New York, NY at Orveon

Social Media Specialist: Marketing Specialist Job at Victoria’s Secret in New York, New York | Influencer Marketing Jobs

Influencer Marketing Coordinator: Coordinator, Influencer Marketing Job at Charlotte Tilbury Beauty in New York, New York

Influencer Marketing Specialist: Influencer Marketing Specialist Job at EBY in New York, New York

Social Media Specialist: Social Media Specialist at Hero Cosmetics


✍️ Written by Skarlet Baiza


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