Sky Society’s Bold New Look Brings Career Driven Women Together

Feb 20, 2023

[Austin, TX] February 20th, 2023 — Sky Society has just unveiled their brand new look showcasing their simple, elegant and unique theme.

With the numerous dimensions of Sky Society, customizations have been applied to Sky Accelerator, Sky Podcast, and Sky First Class to reflect its new distinct logo.

The bold design perfectly complements the ambitious community of Sky Society. 

Sky Society’s new elevated look aims to exhibit an evolved essence and atmosphere while still highlighting the importance of a Sky Society girl.


A Sky Society girl is... 


A smart, self-assured, ambitious person who embodies a blend of trendiness and drive while staying true to her unique and spirited self.

She places a high value on her mental and physical well-being, is driven in her career, motivated by financial success, and diligent in her efforts. The brand new look is a perfect reflection of the qualities of a Sky Society girl.


In response to the new brand refresh...


CEO and Founder Natalie Peters expressed her excitement for the change. “I'm incredibly excited about the brand refresh because I feel like the new branding is more aligned with who we are and what we stand for.”

The new brand refresh for Sky Society is a perfect reflection of the qualities that the community stands for, as Natalie highlights.

“The updates to the Sky Society brand shows the evolution of our community. While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven't changed and we're still committed to helping women start an accelerated career in marketing.”

Looking ahead to the coming weeks, Sky Society is excited to share its new brand refresh with the community.

The brand refresh reflects our values, mission, and vision and we’re thrilled to finally share it with you! While the Sky Society community has undergone significant changes, the core beliefs and commitment to helping women in marketing remain the same, as highlighted by Peters.

The new look will be everywhere soon, and with the brand refresh complete, Sky Society is eager to share its new look and values with others.

About Sky Society:


Sky Society is one of the fastest-growing educational media companies for female marketers. Sky Society has both free resources and paid programs designed with your career growth in mind. Centered around community, Sky Accelerator is the place for women in marketing to acquire the skills, experience, and network to build a life and career they love.


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