How Rare Beauty Marketing is Transforming the Beauty Industry

marketing Aug 21, 2022
rare beauty marketing

Since Rare Beauty was launched in September of 2020 by Actor and Popstar Selena Gomez, it has continuously had consumers eager for their products. Locking all eyes on Selena Gomez and her new endeavor.

In its first year alone, Rare Beauty generated an astounding $60M in revenue.

Should we remind you that this was all during the pandemic's peak?

Selena Gomez has already taken TV screens and music charts by storm and was prepared to add her beauty brand to her list of accomplishments.

With a growing number of celebrity beauty brands, what makes Rare Beauty successful?

Is it her committed fandom, her products, or is Rare Beauty's marketing tactics simply different from its competitors?

Let's find out.


Rare Beauty and Authenticity Go Hand-In-Hand

When Gomez first announced the launch of her makeup brand in early 2020, the public was quick to express their...personal opinions. Making comments such as “Great, another Celebrity brand” or “ Just what we need. Another celebrity cash-grab.”

It was clear that consumers were curious to see what an A-list celebrity like Selena Gomez could bring to the beauty world. 

She brought her story. A story that her consumers could resonate with.

 The authenticity and inclusivity of Rare Beauty's marketing tactics play a major role in the company's success. The message is clear- makeup made to feel good without hiding what makes you unique. It's about being YOU!

Rare Beauty's marketing is about story telling. Not just with Selena Gomez and her mental health journey, but stories of the people who use the products.

Rare Beauty successfully communicates this message of inclusivity through their highly anticipated launches.

  • Kind Words Lip Products
  • Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer 
  • Stay Vulnerable Collection
  • Always an Optimist Primer
  • Rare Beauty Discovery Eyeshadow Palette

Many would state that Selena Gomez isn’t a makeup artist. So what would she know about makeup?

That’s just it. She isn’t, which makes her story more relatable to the millions of people who don’t want makeup to be a complicated task, but rather a part of their routine in which they can enjoy for themselves. 

Side-note: She’s a HUMAN.

The whole point of her makeup products is that they are easy to use and can be a part of your journey in loving everything about you that’s rare. Selena, alone, comes off as an authentic human being, instantly drawing consumers to her products.

She adds to the authenticity of Rare Beauty’s marketing. It simply comes naturally to her and her brand.

“My main purpose when I started Rare Beauty was to break down the unrealistic standards of beauty we see in society today.” - Selena Gomez.


Creating The Conversation Surrounding Mental Health

Selena Gomez has actively been vocal about her battle with lupus, depression, and anxiety for years. Today, she is fighting to support others with their own mental health journeys. That is why she and her team have aligned her brand to support mental health.

One percent of sales goes towards the Rare Impact Fund, expanding in undeserved communities. 

“My hope with Rare Beauty is that we have open conversations around beauty and mental health and can change the industry…” - Selena Gomez.

When visiting the Rare Beauty website, you can see a list of resources & support for anyone seeking news or assistance regarding mental health and information about the Rare Impact Fund. It's astounding for a beauty brand to offer the quantity of mental health resources that Rare Beauty does.

It showcases Selena Gomez's passion for this cause and incorporating it into Rare Beauty's marketing feels authentic.

In an Instagram post, Rare Beauty announced the #WeAre Campaign, which asked people to tell a story about what makes them "rare."

It encourages people to share their favorite or most used product with the brand by using the hashtag #RareRoutine.

The Rare Beauty Instagram account has a collection of posts touching on various messages and essential subjects in today's society. 

During the Black Lives Matter Movement, many businesses/brands either didn't speak on the matter or just posted a simple "Black Lives Matter" image.

Selena doesn't run away from difficult subjects. Instead, she sheds light on them. Rare Beauty uploaded to their social media accounts the various ways you can support the movement and the organizations they had donated to- The Bail Project and NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Messages that showcase the brand's heart, such as expressing self-love, the seriousness of mental health, and the organizations that the brand stands by, all express to the audience the brand's passion for what it supports and believes in—coming across as honest and genuine.

Rare Beauty's marketing isn't just promoting products, it's promoting causes the brand cares about. Most notably, mental health.


The Products Really Are THAT Good

Let’s be honest. Most of us have tried at least one product from Rare Beauty. If you haven’t, once you do, you’ll need to get ready to call Rare Beauty your “new favorite makeup brand.”

Since Rare Beauty first launched, their cruelty-free and eco-friendly products have gone viral, and for a good reason! The products actually work and as a result, you will often hear influencers rave about Rare Beauty items.

A big part of Rare Beauty's marketing strategy is to let the products speak for themselves.

Rare Beauty has established itself to be more than just a celebrity-owned brand that relies on clout.

The “Clean-Girl” trend has further increased the need for Rare Beauty products. 

Women are now seeking the no makeup makeup look that makes them feel confident in their own skin. They're now turning to Rare Beauty to help them feel that way.

Placing Selena Gomez at the forefront and creating that connection with her audience is vital to Rare Beauty’s marketing strategy. 

Selena herself is even more iconic for her many viral moments on TikTok. One of her most recent is her TikTok video, where she is applying her Kind Words Lipstick, and in the background, we hear her grandmother say, “So how did you end it with that guy?”

Around the time this blog post was written, the video garnered over 19M views. So safe to say, she’s crushing it on TikTok!

Although Selena Gomez is a megastar and the face of the brand, she often shines the focus back on the impact she wants to make in the community and to all her causes.

A big part of Rare Beauty's marketing strategy is to let the products speak for themselves.


Rare Beauty Marketing Is Different

The beauty industry is highly competitive and there seems to be a new celebrity-backed popping up at every corner.

If a brand doesn't market itself in a way that tells its audience, "This is why I'm different", it will drown in a pool filled with competition.

Rare Beauty's marketing team has successfully set the brand apart from its competitors and differentiated itself in a highly saturated market.

With high-quality products laying the foundation for inclusive marketing strategies surrounding causes close to Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty is likely here to stay.

Rare Beauty is not only an extension of Selena Gomez, but a beauty brand with quality products and defined values.

It's a beauty brand people want to support because they feel like it's supporting them. Backed up by products that have time and time again proven themselves to be some of the best on today's market.

In only two years since they first launched, Rare Beauty has established marketing strategies that work for them.

Now, off to apply Rare Beauty's new Kind Words lipstick in the shade Worthy!


✍️ Written by Elizabeth Chanelo Rodriguez


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