How Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skincare Easily Sold Out In Ten Minutes

lifestyle marketing Aug 25, 2022
rhode skincare

 With everyone’s new found love for achieving flawless, glassy skin, it was no surprise that Hailey Bieber’s skin care line, Rhode Skin, sold out in ten minutes. But how did she do it?

For those who don’t know, Hailey Baldwin Bieber is an American model, socialite, and business owner. Her name has recently been floating around the internet because of her glazed donut skin.


Rhode Skincare’s Pre-Launch Strategy

Rhode Skin launched on June 15th and Bieber was personally showcasing what your skin can look like, if you too, use her products. Her impact in the beauty industry has shown through trends such as her own trademark smoothie to her glazed donut fingernails going viral.

Bieber has been consistently showing up in the media as the go-to girl for all things beauty with everyone searching for all of her beauty, health and fashion secrets.  

On the surface, it seems like Rhode Skincare began building anticipation a week before the launch date by utilizing platforms like Instagram, Youtube and TikTok to showcase Bieber’s dewy, glazed donut-like skin.

Building anticipation before a drop creates a buzz and a sense of urgency for customers to be the first to get the product when it drops.

The excitement around this release centered around Bieber's influence and the love everyone has for her flawless skin. However, if you were to take a deeper look into Bieber’s history, you would see she’s been building anticipation way before the launch.

Her first TikTok featuring her flawless skin was posted way back in April of 2021, gathering over 9 million views and thousands of comments expressing their appreciation for her impeccable glow!

Rhode Skincare’s impact also stems from the fact Bieber makes certain she knows the ins and outs of healthy skin.

She has multiple videos on Youtube featuring popular and trusted skin guru Hyram, where they discuss beauty tips and tricks. Some videos include a healthy skincare routine, the best non-harming products, and the science behind ingredients. Hyram is known for recommending the best skincare products so a good review from him goes a long way.

While on the topic of healthy ingredients, Bieber and her team used social listening by taking in consideration what her audience wanted in a product and making sure to target those aspects.

Rhode Skincare focuses on developing products that are backed by science, dermatologist recommended, and filled with high performing ingredients.

On the brand’s advisory board is cosmetic chemist, Dr. Ron Robinson and dermatologist Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali who both have extensive knowledge in the skincare field. Their products are also vegan, fragrance, cruelty, and gluten free.


Rhode Skincare’s Product Lineup

Let’s dive deeper into Rhode Skincare’s sold-out products.

As of Summer/Fall 2022, the collection has five products with a great, affordable price for most ranging between $16 and $29. This arrangement of prices is also another reason the products sold out fast - they’re accessible for everyone. Bieber made it a mission to make sure her brand provided everyone with quality products while still being affordable for the average working citizen.

The first product we’ll go over is the Peptide Glazing Fluid which is a lightweight, quick absorbing gel serum, perfect for those wanting to achieve that glowy, plump look while maintaining hydration in the skin. This product is Hailey’s secret to her ideal skin.

The next product is the Barrier Restore Cream, a lightweight moisturizer that delivers hydration and moisture to the skin. This product has many positive reviewed ingredients like shea butter, niacinamide, and peptides. 

The last product is the Peptide Lip Treatment which comes in three different flavors, watermelon slice, salted caramel and fragrance-free.

The key ingredients are shea butter, peptides, cupuacu, and babassu which are all meant to insure plump, hydrated, moisturized lips.


Rhode Skincare’s Post-Launch Strategy

These five products have been the talk of town and not just by Bieber and her team, by outside influences as well.

If you were to take a nice, long stroll down the brand’s TikTok, you’ll see a diverse range of content from influencers giving their opinion on the product. 

This strategy is called influencer marketing. It’s a great way for an audience to get an outside opinion from individuals they trust, look like, and relate to.

These creators range from micro influencers with 800 followers to macro influencers with over 100,000 followers. 

The brand also utilizes user generated content to post diverse material on their social platforms. With this strategy, you’ll see content like unboxings, reviews, product try-ons, etcetera.

Rhode Skincare's influencer marketing strategy provides a more natural approach by selling the products in a more realistic lifestyle way. 



Now that we’ve discussed a few strategies Rhode Skincare used to sell-out in 10 minutes, let’s summarize one last time. 

Rhode Skin used a few different tactics when marketing that resulted in a sold-out collection! Those tactics being: 

  • Building anticipation before the launch date.
  • Hailey Beiber’s influence in the beauty world.
  • Getting good reviews from trusted sources.
  • Using social listening to figure out what the audience wants.
  • Making products affordable.
  • Using influencer marketing and UGC to promote products.

Now that you know the secrets behind how Rhode Skin sold-out in minutes, what strategies do you think you could use for your own company?


✍️ Written by Destiny Hughes


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