7 Best Marketing Gurus You Must Follow In 2023 For Inspiration

#womenempowerment Jan 24, 2023
Marketing Gurus

Whether you’re into social media marketing, digital marketing or freelancing, we’ve created a list of the Best Marketing Gurus you must follow in 2023.

You don’t want to scroll past these female marketers. This list of 7 women is making a difference in the marketing world and has had remarkable impact. 

From building online communities, empowering women and helping other businesses grow their brands, these women have been leading the way. 

Each of these marketing gurus provides a different area of expertise that can help guide and inspire you. If you want to be like the best marketing gurus, you have to do things that these women are willing to do. 


Note: In no particular order, let’s celebrate female marketers!


Miss Diddy | Chief Executive Officer at The Brand Group LA & Founder of Brown Girl Luxe 



Miss Diddy is one of the best marketing gurus in Los Angeles. She's well-known in the industry as an entertainment marketer and brand wizard. With more than 15+ years of lifestyle expertise, she was able to turn her connections into high-value partnerships. 

As a powerhouse marketing professional and CEO of The Brand Group LA, Miss Diddy is also the founder of a Non-Profit Organization called Brown Girl Luxe (check them out on the gram). A charity foundation started to assist women of color in their fibroids journey and provide resources as well. 

From public speaking, hosting events and having brand partnerships with some of the hottest brands like: Doritos, Adidas, American Airlines, BET and Neiman Marcus, Miss Diddy is definitely one of the best marketing gurus that will have you feeling inspired in 2023.

Check out Miss Diddy tell her story with Doritos Solid Black Campaign

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Rachel Higgins | Founder of Because of Marketing 



When it comes to the latest ads and marketing campaigns, Rachel is going to post them. 

Look no further than Rachel Higgins, the Advertising queen. If you're searching for advertising inspiration, check her out on Instagram. She regularly posts the coolest ads & marketing campaigns that you’ll ever see. Follow her for more! 

Check out this dope ad Rachel shared on Instagram

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Olivia Crowley | Founder of Living Lavish Social & Social Media Marketing Manager 



Olivia is busy helping brands generate traffic through instagram. She’s all about creating lavish social media Marketing for brands and inspiring young professionals to become freelancers. 

Olivia started her own company, Living Lavish Social fresh out of college in 2020. She has been unstoppable in marketing since then. Olivia is definitely one to watch in 2023.

If you want to become one of the best marketing gurus or freelancer guru this year, get connected with her. 

Take a look at Olivia is showing what it’s like when you take Linkedin serious, on Tik Tok 

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Covana Washington | CEO, Bomb & Bossy | Social Media Marketer & Marketing Consulting 



Covana has the blueprint to get rich off content. She is known on Instagram as @bombandbossy. 

Her consulting agency has helped over 900 businesses grow their brands and she teaches classes on how to get started as an influencer and paid content creator. Covana was named as one of the best social media marketing agencies in Chicago, so the name speaks for itself. 

Not only is Convana one of the best marketing gurus to follow in 2023, she can also help you become one too. She has landed partnerships with some of the biggest businesses in the world like: PrettyLittleThing, Virgin Hotels, Essence Fest and Black Women’s Expo. 

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Learn about Convana’s Marketing Journey


Lucy Hall | Founder or Digital Women & SocialDay



With over 15+ years of leading and training, Lucy is not new to this, she’s true to this marketing world. Lucy is someone to follow, hands down. 

What makes Lucy one of the best marketing gurus around is her passion for helping others. Her company Digital women mission is to empower women through skill-sharing events and learning digital skills. 

She’s all about women empowerment and helping women reach their goals (we are too!). She created, Digital Women Awards show, to recognize women in digital spaces and a conference teaching women how to take their businesses to the next level. 

She’s one of the best marketing gurus in the industry. You can also find and connect with other women in marketing on her Linkedin. Follow her to learn more. 

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Check out the recap of the Digital Women awards in 2021


Karina Scott | Founder of Girl About Social & Social Media Marketer 



Karina the strategic social media queen is a marketer that you want to follow in 2023. If you want to boost your social media presence, she’s your girl. 

She focuses on helping businesses maximize social media results, no matter the platform. She is an expert in boosting post engagement, creating social media strategy plans and managing social media accounts. 

If you are looking for ideas, knowledge and tools to help grow your online presence, look no further. 

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10 Questions with Karina Scott with Girls in Marketing podcast


Michaela Alexia | Millennial LinkedIn Trainer and Coach



Leveling up on Linkedin is something a lot of young professionals are looking to do nowadays. 

Michaela is a Keynote speaker and OG Linkedin expert. She talks about how you can maximize your business on Linkedin, increasing your personal brand presence and getting you seen by the right people.  

Public speaking is her superpower. She was listed as top speaker at the Social Media Marketing world event in 2019 by attendees. 

Michaela is a true marketing genius and the best marketing guru when it comes to leveraging your Linkedin profile. Add her to your feed for Linkedin growth tips. 

Connect with Michaela on Linkedin 

Check out this LinkedIn Free Training: Your Profile and Background Photo by Michaela


✍️ Written by Andrea Midderhoff


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