The Best Tips on How to Travel While Working Remotely

lifestyle Apr 13, 2023

Ah, traveling, it’s the dream, right?

Well at least for most people!

The idea of traveling the world while still getting paid is the goal. Sadly, we aren’t nepo babies over here so we need to work. However, in the past couple of years there has been a significant increase in remote work and the biggest pro is that remote work (usually) allows us to travel, become digital nomads, and live like locals in other parts of the world. 



Plan it out!


Although, the idea of just dropping everything and traveling the world sounds easy, spontaneous, and fun.

It is not the most practical decision. If you want to travel while working remotely, devising a plan is the smartest choice. If you don’t have a remote job yet, that is definitely one of the hardest struggles (we get it) .

Once you have that remote job that allows you to travel outside of the U.S, the next task to tackle is coming up with your new home country. For a list of the safest countries for women to visit, read more here

To travel while working remotely sounds fun but there are many behind-the-scenes and tedious tasks that need to be done first.

Many organizations prefer their employees use a VPN while being abroad so make sure to double-check that with your employer. If your employer doesn’t require a VPN, think about investing in a personal hotspot.

It will allow you to enjoy high-wifi speed which results in efficient work, instead of relying on spotty wi-fi.


Set-up a schedule



You’ve picked your country, bags packed, and have notified your superiors of your plans(be responsible!). Before departing, try your best to do as many work-related tasks as possible, so you are not stressed upon arrival at your new temporary home.

Now depending on the country chosen you will have a time change and will have to set up a schedule that works for you, as well as, your employer.

That way both parties are content and you can continue to travel while working remotely for as long as possible. 


Keep the costs low


It would be a shame for you to cut your nomadic life short due to money issues. So if traveling while working remotely is a long-term decision, try to keep your costs low.

Either by choosing a more affordable destination, eating in more, or going to certain countries during their low tourist season. 




Depending on where you’re going and for how long, you may need to apply for certain visas. Many countries have started to implement a digital nomad visa so people are encouraged to visit.

This makes the process easier for people to travel while working remotely. For a list of countries with digital nomad visas, click here


Travel Time!


Now that all the tedious tasks are done. We get to focus on the fun part, the reason for this article, the travel part.

Try to plan your workload and travel itinerary together so you can have a successful digital nomad life. By understanding how long it takes you to complete all your tasks, you will have a better understanding of how much explore time you will have once you are abroad. 

If you have certain attractions like museums you would like to attend, we suggest checking the hours beforehand.

Do not forget to research and check if they have a crowd forecast, this way you can avoid the busiest days and times. 

Imagine you happen to be sitting in a train and you are going back home after a day of exploring, use that block of time to get ahead of any work tasks that are due.

It can be very useful to squeeze in some extra work while you wait. 

Not all jobs are flexible and some may require for you to be present during their 9-5, which is perfectly fine.

Find a nice cafe, the beach, or a coworking space where you can work and enjoy the view of your new home. 

Now all you have to do is go explore the world (and work) *sigh*


Plan B


Other options: If traveling while working remotely isn’t for you, there are still many other options that are offered. 

  • Teach English in another country by receiving your certification like the TEFL
  • Become an Au Pair
  • Do a work exchange with WorldPackers, WWOOF, or WorkAway
  • Try freelancing 
  • + many more!


✍️ Written by Katherine Chaves


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