New Era Of De-Influencing: 5 Products That Are Not Worth Your Money

lifestyle marketing May 31, 2023

 Do you ever find yourself knee-deep in a rabbit hole of Instagram posts, with hours slipping away like socks lost in the laundry?

Or maybe you've fallen victim to the mesmerizing dance of TikTok, where five minutes turn into five hours before you know it?

Well, fear not, my fellow internet explorers, for we are about to embark on a quest to reclaim our minds and escape the clutches of endless scrolling! 



Welcome to the world of de-influencing, where we break free from the hypnotic grip of social media and rediscover the lost art of boredom.

In a time when online trends change faster than our socks, it's time to regain control and put the "me" back in social media.

Get ready to buckle up, as we navigate the treacherous sea of likes, shares, and hashtags, armed with wit, determination, and a healthy dose of memes. The revolution starts now! 

In a world where influencers reign supreme, their every word and recommendation can hold tremendous power. Influencers have the ability to sway our opinions, shape our purchasing decisions, and even impact our self-esteem.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and not all influencers are as transparent as we might hope. Take, for instance, the recent scandal that sent shockwaves through the beauty community. 


From Mikayla to Meme-ayla: Unveiling the Beauty World's Notorious Scandal!


Mikayla Nogueira, a popular influencer known for her flawless makeup tutorials, found herself in a web of lies surrounding a seemingly innocent product: L'Oreal mascara.

What began as a glowing endorsement quickly unraveled when astute TikTok users uncovered evidence suggesting that Mikayla had been paid to promote the mascara without actually using it. 



The backlash was swift, with followers feeling betrayed and questioning the authenticity of their favorite influencers.

This is where de-influencing comes into play. It's about recognizing the fine line between genuine content and sponsored endorsements, and reclaiming our ability to think critically and make informed choices, rather than blindly following the advice of those who prioritize profit over honesty. 

De-influencing encourages us to question the motives behind the content we consume, teaching us not to put our trust in influencers who prioritize money over the trust of their followers.

It's time to take control of our own lives, one unfiltered hashtag at a time.


Breaking the 'Like' Spell: The Art of De-Influencing and Finding Your Authentic Self


Like a viral dance move or a catchy TikTok trend, the word "de-influencing" has taken social media by storm, catapulting itself into our everyday lexicon faster than you can say "unfollow."



It seems like just yesterday we were all scrambling to get the perfect selfie angle and thirsting for the validation of those little heart-shaped likes.

But oh, how the times have changed! As the dust settles from the scandal that exposed the murky underbelly of influencer culture, a new movement has emerged, and it's as refreshing as a bubble tea on a hot summer day. 

Enter "de-influencing," the antidote to our digital dependency, a phrase that's spreading through social media faster than misinformation on a WhatsApp group chat.

With memes and snarky tweets, netizens are reclaiming their time and sanity, trading in perfectly curated feeds for a healthy dose of reality and a side dish of humor. 

So grab your phone (ironically), buckle up, and get ready for the rollercoaster ride that is de-influencing. It's the trend you didn't know you needed, but trust me, your future self will thank you.


Ladies, Let's Laugh: 5 Products to Skip and Money to Flip!


Attention, savvy shoppers and fellow de-influencers! In the realm of consumerism, where every influencer and their neighbor is vying for your hard-earned cash, it's time to take a stand and save your wallets from unnecessary expenditures.

Today, we're diving headfirst into the world of products that are simply not worth your precious pennies. Brace yourselves as we expose the truth behind five infamous culprits that have deceived us with their promises of grandeur.

First on our list is the seemingly invincible Stanley Tumbler, which claims to keep your drinks ice-cold for days.

Spoiler alert: it's just an overpriced piece of stainless steel that'll leave you lukewarm and underwhelmed. 

Next up, those jaw-droppingly expensive designer bags that scream "status symbol" but whisper "empty bank account." Trust me, your self-worth doesn't need a logo to shine.

And let's not forget the Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic face roller, a skincare gimmick that promises to banish shine with the power of volcanic rock.

Spoiler alert number two: it's just a glorified paperweight that won't save you from your oily woes.

Ah, the deceptive allure of the weighted hula hoop, promising to tone our bodies while we twirl away in blissful oblivion.

Alas, as we trade our dignity for a rhythmic hip shake, we soon realize that the only thing getting a workout is our skepticism towards fitness trends.

Prepare for the skincare plot twist of the century as we unveil the untamed truth about Cetaphil, the cleanser that had us all fooled with its fancy marketing.

Get ready to say "goodbye-pil" to this overhyped potion as we embark on a journey to find skincare salvation that won't leave us feeling like a washed-up sitcom character.


"Sippin' in Style: Stanley vs. Simply Modern - Battle of the Trendy Tumblers!"



In the world of trendy tumblers, two heavyweight contenders have risen to the top: Stanley and Simply Modern. These sleek and stylish vessels have captured the hearts (and wallets) of social media enthusiasts everywhere, but which one truly reigns supreme? 

First off, let's talk pricing. Stanley tumblers come with a higher price tag, often leaving budget-conscious shoppers hesitating at the checkout.

On the other hand, Simply Modern cups offer a more wallet-friendly option without compromising on style. With a range of sizes and colors, they provide affordable alternatives that don't break the bank.

Audience preferences play a significant role in this battle of the tumblers. The Stanley brand carries a reputation for durability and ruggedness, appealing to adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who demand a tumbler that can withstand their wildest expeditions.

Meanwhile, Simply Modern cups cater to the fashion-forward crowd, with sleek designs and vibrant patterns that complement any Instagram-worthy aesthetic.



But what do the people really think? According to audience favorites, the clear winner emerges: Simply Modern steals the show.

With its affordable pricing and trendy designs, it captures the hearts of social media mavens looking to sip their way to #aesthetic perfection. 

While the Stanley tumbler has its devoted following, Simply Modern's affordability and versatility make it the go-to choice for the average woman on social media.

In the end, whether you're a nature enthusiast seeking durability or a style-savvy trendsetter, both Stanley and Simply Modern have their merits. 

It all boils down to your personal preferences and the purpose behind your tumbler. 


"Designer Dreams or Budget Bliss: Splurging on a Luxe Bag - Worth the Dough or Overrated Show?"



In the world of fashion, the allure of a designer bag can be as intoxicating as a bottomless mimosa brunch. But here's the tea, ladies: online dupes have seriously upped their game, leaving us questioning the need to break the bank for that coveted luxury brand.

Sure, strutting down the street with an authentic designer bag can make heads turn, but let's be real - is it worth spending your entire paycheck on a purse?

Enter the world of online dupes, where you can rock a look-alike bag without your bank account shedding tears.

These dupes have become the fashion's undercover superheroes, offering us affordable alternatives that are almost indistinguishable from the real deal.

So why waste your time and money on an overpriced designer bag when you can save those coins for a well-deserved vacation or a guilt-free shopping spree?

Now, don't get us wrong, we appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into designer bags.

But when the online dupes are nailing it with their high-quality materials and on-point designs, it's hard to justify spending an arm and a leg for a label. 

So, ladies, it's time to embrace the revolution of dupes and let your style do the talking without leaving your bank account in a state of shock. 


Revlon's Volcanic Face Roller: Savior or Skincare Scam?



Oh, the Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller, touted as the holy grail of oil control. We were promised a skincare revolution with the power of volcanic rock, but alas, reality slapped us in the face harder than a wet sponge.

While influencers flooded our feeds with flawless selfies, claiming this roller was the secret to shine-free glory, the average audience results tell a different story.

As we rolled that volcanic wonder across our faces, we couldn't help but wonder if it was secretly moonlighting as a fancy paperweight.

Our oily woes remained intact, and our wallets felt emptier than ever. It seems like the face roller's reputation for absorbing oil was about as effective as an umbrella made of tissue paper in a monsoon.

But fear not, my fellow victims of skincare deception! Remember, there's a silver lining to every oil-slick cloud.

We can now laugh in the face of influencers who sold us a volcanic lie, embracing the freedom of knowing that not all skincare miracles come in a trendy package.

So, let's save our hard-earned cash, skip the volcanic rock roller coaster, and embrace our natural glow, oil and all.

Twist and Turn: The Weighted Hula Hoop Hype - A Waist of Time


Ah, the false promised paradise of the weighted hula hoop. It swept through TikTok like a viral dance challenge, convincing us that we could shimmy our way to abs of steel.

But let's face it, folks - it was a deceptive twirl of disappointment. 

We eagerly purchased the hoop, envisioning ourselves becoming fitness icons, only to find it gathering dust in the corner of our rooms, mocking us with its inertia.

We've come to realize that the only thing getting a workout was our credit card.



In the era of social media trends, the weighted hula hoop was the epitome of overnight stardom. It spun its way into our hearts and our wallets, promising to transform our bodies into works of art.

We awkwardly gyrated in the living room, hoping for a miracle, but instead, we were left with sore hips and shattered dreams. 

Now, it sits abandoned, serving as a constant reminder of our futile attempt to keep up with the TikTok gods.

Lesson learned: when it comes to fitness fads, it's better to stick to something that won't make us look like flailing penguins in spandex.


The Cetaphil Saga: A Cleanser's Rise to Internet Fame, But Acne's Reign Remained Untamed


Cetaphil, the skincare savior that left our faces feeling as betrayed as the final season of a popular TV show.

Despite the hype and glowing testimonials, it turns out that this supposed holy grail of cleansers didn't quite live up to its lofty promises. 

Many dermatologists, those wise wizards of skincare, shook their heads in disapproval, urging us to steer clear of this overhyped potion.

It seems that Cetaphil became the ultimate embodiment of disappointment, leaving us longing for the elusive glow that never quite materialized.

As we stared into the mirror, hoping for the miracles that Cetaphil assured us were just a lather away, we couldn't help but feel like we were starring in our own tragic comedy.

We joined the legions of disillusioned users, whose skin remained stubbornly unimpressed by this supposed wonder in a bottle. 



Cetaphil may have had its five minutes of fame, but the majority of us quickly discovered that it was more like a skincare villain than a hero.

So, let's bid adieu to this failed product, and embrace the quest for clear skin with a touch of skepticism and a dash of humor, because hey, laughter is the best wrinkle-fighter after all.

In a world filled with overpriced tumblers, designer bags that scream "empty wallet," face rollers that couldn't absorb a drop of truth, hula hoops that leave us feeling like dizzy penguins, and cleansers that should come with a "disclaimer" label, it's time to break free from the influence trap. 

Let's toast to de-influencing, my friends, and reclaim our hard-earned cash for things that truly matter—experiences, self-expression, and a good belly laugh.

So, as we bid farewell to these trendy pitfalls, let's ask ourselves: in a world obsessed with the next big thing, isn't it refreshing to pave our own paths and find value in the genuine, the authentic, and the wonderfully unpredictable? 

The choice is yours—will you dare to de-influence?


 ✍️ Written by Mia Gilbert


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